Matthew Ludwick shares what he loves about counseling

While working as the manager for the fitness department of Norfolk State University in Virginia, Matthew Ludwick was given a unique opportunity when the school offered to pay for his tuition.  Presented with this chance, Matthew decided to get his master’s in counseling.  While he never thought he would end up using it, Matthew got inspired to pursue a career in counseling while interning for Integrated Health Services in Hampton, Virginia.Matthew Ludwick Headshot

Through his work at Integrated Health Services, Matthew Ludwick assisted in conducting individual, family and group therapy sessions of numerous age groups.  On a regular basis, he dealt with a variety of disorders, including Depression, ADHD, Anxiety Disorders, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder and numerous others.  Other work that he performed included assisting in the development and writing of treatment plans and diagnostic summaries, as well as helping to conduct substance use assessments and urinalysis collections to ensure compliance with treatment plans.

Far and away, however, one of the most inspiring moments for Matthew Ludwick was helping US veterans cope with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  As Virginia has a large populations of soldiers and veterans, veterans with PTSD frequently came to Integrated Health Services looking for treatment.  Dealing with PTSD is an extremely long and difficult process; the best way to combat it is to have the client tell a counselor what triggered the disorder, and then make them keep repeating it until they finally realize that it won’t ever happen again.  Such a process can be emotionally taxing, but the ultimate outcome, of helping somebody overcome an issue as massive as PTSD, is extremely rewarding.  One of the highlights of Matthew Ludwick’s career with Integrated Health Services was when the wife of a veteran who had previously suffered from PTSD called him up to thank him for all the work that he did to heal her husband.

Currently, Matthew Ludwick is looking for work in counseling in the northern Virginia area, and is eager to continue to help people and make a positive difference in peoples’ lives.